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The Best of Greece

Greece has become a huge part of my life. I really enjoy sharing it with my groups. I have spent months walking its foot paths, exploring every village I end up in and getting to know the people living there. This has become my home! I have guided now a dozen treks and paddling tours throughout Greece. I am going to show you what I believe are some of the best parts and some of the most beautiful scenery around. My roots run deep since my Grandparents and Mother were born and raised there and lived there, for a great portion of their lives. I feel to really appreciate and see Greece, the best way is not by sitting in a large tour bus looking out the windows and getting off and on from time to time, but to walk the amazing streets and footpaths and paddling its beautiful coastline. I have spent my time trekking from one village to the next, viewing the true Greece.

Our trips explore some of my very favorite places. 



Our trip to Greece was nothing short of amazing!  My husband and I both love to travel in smaller groups and try to avoid large tour bus gatherings.  One of the many reasons we signed up with Steph! Our group was the perfect size to explore this wonderful country. 

On Kefalonia, a small island, our hilltop hotel had beautiful views of the Ionian Sea.  Each day after a scrumptious breakfast, we would paddle the various coast lines, through sea caves, and stopping at deserted beaches for swimming and lunch breaks.  Sandstone and Limestone cliffs provided beautiful scenery along with clear turquoise water!  If we came across inclement weather and couldn’t paddle, Steph and her crew would arrange another adventure for the day.  We would explore other areas of the island, take in more beaches and coastside villages. 

Our favorite part of the trip was the hiking!  Trekking from village to village is an experience we will never forget!  The scenic trails of the the Zagahoria region are so beautiful!  We had a fabulous guide every day who shared his historical knowledge of the area and was very patient with all! 

Just as important to us was the lasting friendships and memories we made.  Our nightly dinners were so fun and entertaining!  The Greek people are so warm and welcoming and were very happy we came to visit.  We will never forget this experience and honestly want to visit again, with Steph, of course!!

Keith & Mary Clark

What a great trip!

Our trip with Stef Woods of Backwoods Adventures to Greece was top notch! The trekking trip combined hiking, sightseeing, and cultural experiences.   We had superb lodging and when we moved, all transfers were on time and well organized. Planned meals were wonderful and often a cultural experience.  Occasionally, curves are thrown at you (such as a severe thunderstorm that threatened one of our flights), Stef and the group she worked with quickly had our back up plan set just in case we needed it (we didn’t).

Sightseeing in Athens included an interesting and informative guided tour. In Crete, we started with some cultural experiences including a high mountain cooking/eating experience and an organic olive oil production tour. There was a good combination of free time and wonderful planned day trips.

The trekking was my most enjoyable part of the trip, which were well planned and beautiful    We hiked in four unique and beautiful parts of Crete and in the northern Greece.

The absolute highlight of the trip was hiking in northern Greece (Pindus Mountains). The gorges and villages we hiked to or stayed in were spectacular.  The ancient history (which you get to see up close and, in some hikes, hike through) is awe inspiring.  Stef had Mikey lead us on some of the hikes. As with everyone she works with he is knowledgeable and a great guide.

We have done 4 trips with Backwoods Adventures and hope to travel with them on our next adventure vacation. If you are looking for a small group trip that is one of a kind and has an intimate feel, we would wholeheartedly recommend you contact Stef. 

Ron & Mary Tucker

The trip to Greece with Stef Woods took us to the places less traveled, the places that capture the true Greece. We were also able to see the sights of Athens and then escaped to a fabulous island retreat, kayaking the beauty of the Ionian coast. Then we embarked on an adventure in the largely undiscovered mountains of northern Greece, hiking among lovely mountain villages, experiencing the hospitality of the local people.
We absolutely loved this trip and highly recommend it as the most authentic Greek adventure you will ever find!

Linda Owen

We absolutely loved the trip – great mix between kayaking and trekking.  Great adventures!  Loved trekking from village to village and staying in local inns where often greek families are taking care of you.  As long as you have good boots and hiking poles you are good to go.  Not too difficult but some long days.  Gorgeous scenery, of course.


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Chris & Stefanie Woods